WattsNet understands that our products deal with client information that is important and secret to our clients and so we treat it as such. WattsNet understands that our clients trust us to keep their data in our system (whether that is on a computer in their office, in our office, or in the cloud). We don’t want to loose that trust and we understand that we need to earn that trust. So, we’ll take reasonable steps to maintain that trust and to keep the data safe.

  • If we want to share any client information then we will ask the respective client if that is ok. Of we don’t get the ok, we won’t share the information.
  • If a client wants to keep the fact that they are a client secret then we can even cope with that.
  • While we collect client contact details, we only use them internally and for our own purposes. We are not about to share them with others and we’ll take reasonable steps to keep that information safe.
  • At a minimum we keep data safe by limiting the locations on which it is stored, ensuring that physical access to those storage locations is controlled (by locking the room, for example), that the storage itself is only accessable using passwords and by keeping those passwords secret.

If this doesn’t answer your questions about privacy then please contact us.