In the 21st Century … stepping into business management software should feel comfortable and intuitive right from the get-go. The rules of business have changed. It is a matter of survival that leaders and managers can get to the numbers, from anywhere. Request a demo

Heads-up is a web based business management system for professional services organisations. There is no installation for each office computer – all the user needs is a browser. It is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of all users, whatever their roles, because the whole organisation should be using the same system for business management. Heads-up scales from 5 users to hundreds of users in each organisation. For more information see the Heads-up Product Site

Heads-up started as an integration project. The client wanted to share some of the information from MYOB with its project managers. WattsNet integrated MYOB with Heads-up so that the client’s financial processes are not interrupted and the operational staff have the tools and information they need to do their job. WattsNet can work with you to provide cost competitive systems integration services. We build systems that are production quality; robust and reliable.